Checklist: Things to Remember When Leaving Your Home for the Winter

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Fall is in full swing, which means winter is right around the corner. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the cold and have decided to move away for the winter, or you’re just going on an extended vacation during the winter months, we have some advice for you! Leaving your home for longer than a few weeks puts you at a heightened risk of coming home to a potential disaster. Burst pipes, rotten food and break-ins are just a few things that might occur while you’re away.

Because of the high risks facing your home, you should work with a reliable company that offers property management in Syracuse, IN. They can help ensure that your home stays in great condition until you return. We at Buhrt Builders Inc. know how important returning to a lovely home is to residents. That’s why we’ve created this checklist for you to refer to before leaving your home for the winter. Make sure to do each of these things before you go, and you should return to find your home as good as you left it!

  • Set temperature to 66 degrees: Just before you leave your home, set the heat to no lower than 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping it any lower puts your building at risk for damage and can cause your pipes to freeze and crack if any water is left in them, potentially causing water damage.
  • Clean out your fridge: Make sure to throw away any perishable food items from your fridge or cabinets before you leave for winter, and take out the trash! The last thing you want to return to is a kitchen full of rotten, smelly food.
  • Turn off the water: Turn off your interior and exterior water valves and drain all of the water down from your water lines. This will help ensure that no pipes freeze and burst while you’re away.
  • Inspect the roof: If you know you’ll be leaving well in advance of winter, inspect your roof for any damage and have it repaired, if necessary. Your roof protects your home and all of your belongings, and you don’t want snow and ice to cause interior water damage, or to return to structural damage.
  • Crack the blinds: You’ll want to close the blinds, but not all the way. Leave window blinds up at least 2 inches to ensure minimal window condensation and provide maximum airflow.
  • Enable security system: Be sure to lock your doors and enable your security system before you leave! You don’t want to leave any potential openings for intruders.
  • Forward your mail: Sign up to have your mail forwarded to your winter address or ask a friend to pick up your mail for you. An overflowing mailbox can lead to stolen mail and let intruders know that you aren’t home.
  • Use property management services: Have a trusted company check your home periodically to ensure you can return to it as you left it. Professional property management in Syracuse, IN will give you peace of mind while you are away.

Are you leaving for winter and looking into property management in Syracuse, IN? Contact Buhrt Builders Inc.! We’ve been the local homebuilding and remodeling experts for 70 years, and also offer property management services for residential clients. Call us today for a free estimate!

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