Ask Your Luxury Home Builder in Syracuse, IN: “How Do I Pick the Right Colors for My Home Interior?”

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After you’ve built a new home or remodeled your interior, it’s time to decorate. For many, this is a fun and exciting process. For others, it can be stressful. As your luxury home builder in Syracuse, IN, we want to reduce the stress and increase the fun. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following ideas, based on our extensive industry experience. Use these tips to choose the best colors and accessories and make your space your own:

  • Pick from a pattern: Do you have a colorful rug or patterned furniture? Choose your favorite color from the pattern to use as an accent color for the room.
  • Beware the dark side: Darker colors should start near the floor. Use medium shades for walls and lighter ones for the ceiling. This dark-to-light pattern mimics the design we see in nature, with dark earth and bright sky.
  • Decorate living areas first: Start your decorating process with the formal areas of the home. Once you’ve chosen a color scheme for these areas, pull one color from this space and apply a softer version in your more private rooms.
  • Let your wardrobe be your guide: Do you like to wear bright, cheery colors? Is your closet stuffed with blue shirts? Dress your home in colors and patterns similar to how you dress yourself. You’ll feel comfortable in the space, and it will complement you well.
  • Add a bit of black: Black sharpens and contrasts with the other colors in the room. Try adding a bit of black to each room for maximum impact. A vase, picture frame or cabinet are all good options.
  • Get the ratio right: A good rule of thumb used by a luxury home builder in Syracuse, IN is the 60-30-10 ratio. Cover 60 percent of the space (walls) with a dominant color. Use a secondary color for 30 percent (upholstery). The remaining 10 percent should be an accent color developed with accessories.
  • Don’t fear small spaces: Many times, a new home builder in Syracuse, IN will fear painting a small space anything other than white. In an effort to make it feel bigger, they make it bland. Go ahead and choose something that pops. It’s a small space, so make it an inviting one.
  • Make it a triple play: A good palette rule is to limit your choices to three colors. Start with a color you love and find two more that offer a good match. This strategy is good for any space.
  • Choose a new neutral: If you need a neutral option, think beyond beige. Grays are a great option to provide trendy tones to your space. Use them in paint and upholstery selections to make other colors pop.

The most important tip is to remember this space is yours. Decorate in a way that makes you want to spend time there. Make it uniquely your own. Whether you are a new home builder in Syracuse, IN or are updating your current home, find solutions that fit your personal taste and lifestyle, whether anyone else likes them or not.

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