The Home Building Process Explained

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We love meeting with clients who are ready to jump into the home building process and are excited about seeing their dream house come to life. However, many of those people are confused or don’t know about the home building process, what it involves or how long it takes.

As a professional home builder in Syracuse, IN, Buhrt Builders Inc. wants to make sure our clients know what to expect when they come to us for a custom home build. If you’re interested in having your dream home built from the ground up, here’s a quick guide to the home building process and what you can expect while the process is underway.

Designing the home

When you first meet with us or with an architect on your own, you’ll likely spend one to three months working with them to refine the perfect design for your home. This process is typically made easier if you know more about the type and features of your future home.

The designer will meet with you a few times to get to know you and what kind of home you desire, and then they’ll create a very general design and floorplan. From there, you’ll have more meetings and talks with the designer to refine the details and specific criteria to create the finished plan.

Signing the paperwork

Once you have a finished floorplan, the house builder in Syracuse, IN will draft a contract for you with cost estimates and other particulars about the building project. Signing the final contract can take a few weeks, up to a month.

Then, permits will need to be obtained by the home builder to build on the property. This process can also take up to a month.


The process of pre-construction typically involves a project manager who will create a project timetable and help arrange the various subcontractors needed to complete the home. During this time, the homeowner and designer will likely be working together to select finishes and more specific details for the home.

Due to the complexity of arranging schedules and obtaining materials as needed, the pre-construction process can take between one and two months.


Finally, the actual construction process can begin. New-build home construction can take anywhere from four months to over a year to complete, depending on various factors like size, permit process, time of year and more.

Typically, your house builder in Syracuse, IN will begin by excavating the basement if there will be one, then go on to pouring concrete for the basement walls and floor. Next, they will construct the floors, walls and roof of your home and install windows.

Finally, accents and finishing touches like trim, paint, lights and plumbing will be added. After the interior of the home is complete, the exterior can be finished, including paving a driveway and seeding the lawn.

Choose us to build your dream home

If you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, call Buhrt Builders Inc. Our family-owned business has been in the building industry for 70 years, providing custom home builds, remodeling services, additions and specialty projects. If you need a reliable house builder in Syracuse, IN, look no further. Call us today for a free estimate!

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