Ice Fishing Tips from Your Local Home Builder in Syracuse, IN

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You don’t need a weatherman to tell you that we’ve had a historically cold past couple of weeks! With temperatures this low, most of us want to stay inside, curl up next to the fireplace and watch our favorite shows on Netflix. But there are some folks out there who love this time of year! Ice fishermen thrive in these cold months—it’s the only time of year when they get to head out onto the ice with their buddies to reel in some whoppers. If you’re in the mood to brave the cold temperatures, follow these tips from your local home builder in Syracuse, IN:

  • Where to go: First things first—you need to figure out where you’re going to go ice fishing! Head to smaller, shallower lakes in the early winter, since they’ll freeze over faster than the larger lakes. This will give you the most time out on the ice! Once winter really starts to settle in (like right now), you should find a larger lake. Bigger lakes have more oxygen, which means there will be more active fish. More active fish obviously leads to a greater chance of reeling one in. Fish tend to move in towards the middle of the lake as we get further into winter. Once it starts to warm up again near the spring, fish move back towards the shallow water to spawn. A good technique is to drill several holes in the lake and switch back and forth if you aren’t having any luck.
  • When to go: Sitting in your ice tent all day long waiting for a bite can get quite tedious, especially when you run out of hot coffee or cocoa! You can avoid waiting by the hole for a bite by planning your trip around a fish’s feeding schedule. Fish like walleye and crappie are active during the 90 minutes before and after sunup and sundown. So, if you’re trying to reel those in, there’s no point in staying out all day. On the opposite end of the spectrum, fish like pike seem to be always out and about searching for food. Fish also go into a feeding frenzy when it’s a full moon or a new moon, so you may want to plan your next trip around the lunar cycle. Fish are also active when the weather is stable, or when there’s a sudden drop in the barometer—which is the sign that a storm is rolling in.
  • Techniques: Always use live bait when you’re out ice fishing. Live bait attracts more fish, and is usually less expensive than a fake worm that might not even do the job! Fish can see pretty well above them. For that reason, try to place your lure above the fish so they’ll go for the bait. Be careful, though—if the water is clear, the fish may be able to see you through the hole!

Remember these tips from a home builder in Syracuse, IN, and always be safe while you’re out on the ice, and you’re guaranteed to have a fun time this winter!

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