Are Open Floor Plans Energy Efficient?

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When designing a home or planning a renovation project, myriad floor plan options are available to you. Which should you choose? Most people consider room usage, lifestyle, family size and décor. Few realize the impact these choices can make on their utility bills. The truth is, the layout of your home can directly impact its energy efficiency. Keep this in mind as you discuss options with your general contractor in Syracuse, IN.

To create the best design for energy efficiency, consider the following advantages of open floor plans:

  • Daylight: An open floor plan takes full advantage of natural lighting. There are fewer walls and angles to block sunlight that could otherwise stream throughout the space. Windows can be placed on the correct side of the home to get the best use of natural light. This will help reduce the amount of energy you need for lighting your rooms.
  • Heat: The light from windows in an open floor plan also provides natural heat. Windows with morning or afternoon exposure can allow extra heat into the home. You’ll need less heat from your furnace, thus saving energy and lowering your utility bill. As you plan your layout with a general contractor in Syracuse, IN, keep optimal window placement in mind.
  • Climate zones: Have you ever been in a home that feels arctic in one room and tropical in another? A choppy floor plan closes spaces off from each other, reducing the flow of heat and AC in the home. With an open floor plan, it is easier to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the home. You will be less likely to overwork your furnace or air conditioner to keep one particular space comfortable while the rest are unbearable.
  • Airflow: Another effect of closed-off areas is restricted airflow. Interior rooms can get stuffy, forcing you to use portable fans, ceiling fans or air conditioning to keep them comfortable. An open floor plan allows better airflow from one space to the next. This reduces the energy you must use to power fans or other cooling systems.
  • Size: Did you know the same square footage can feel bigger or smaller depending on its design? A 2,000 square-foot floor plan can feel more like 3,000 square feet. The space offers diverse use and a spacious feel. If you can design a home with less square footage but feel like you’re getting a larger space, you can save energy. The smaller home is easier to heat and cool, so you’ll enjoy a smaller utility bill and greater energy efficiency.

Are you looking to boost the energy efficiency of your living space? Whether you are renovating a home or designing a new one, the energy experts at Buhrt Builders Inc. can assist you. As a leading general contractor in Syracuse, IN, we offer in-depth experience to help you create the ideal open floor plan that takes advantage of energy-saving benefits. Contact our team today to get started on your next project. We look forward to partnering with you to implement green solutions in your home.

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