How Many Square Feet Does My Family Need?

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As you consider your next home, many questions come to mind. What’s the best location? Do you want a sprawling ranch or a traditional two-story home? Would a condo be best? Whether you are considering buying an existing home or contacting a luxury home builder in Syracuse, IN to design a new one, one of the top questions you must consider is size. Exactly how much square footage do you need for your family?

There is much to consider in answering this question. Use the following tips to guide yourself through this process.

Bedrooms vs. Living Space

The two main areas of the home are the bedrooms and the living areas. What should you look for to achieve a good balance of number of bedrooms and additional space for living? A good rule of thumb is to ensure there are places for two people to sit in the dining and living areas for every one bedroom. This will help provide a good balance to the home and allow room for eating and relaxing.

One Generation vs. Multi-Generational

Who will be living in the home? It’s fairly common for grandparents to share the space with the next two generations. If the home will be used to house multiple generations, keep this in mind for the design of the property. Each generation should have a space that provides privacy away from the other family members. This might be a separate suite, finished basement area or bonus room.

Current Needs vs. Future Needs

Consider whether this is a home that you will be living in long-term or a starter or temporary residence. You may only need space for two adults now, but you may plan to have kids in the future. If you don’t want to move again, it might be worthwhile to plan enough square footage to house children down the road. If your mother-in-law might eventually move in, you’ll need a room for her as well.

Luxuries vs. Reality

As you work out your budget for square footage, consider what spaces you will actually use. Some homeowners plan out a gym, a theater and a formal dining area that add significantly to the square footage of the home. Of course, these also add significant cost. Decide what areas you will actually use. Be honest and realistic about your true needs. Is it worth the extra cost to add a gym, or would a treadmill in the basement be just as good? Perhaps your money would be better spent in extra square footage for a play area that will get more use.

Lifestyle vs. Budget

Finally, you’ll have to be realistic about your budget. Even if you determine you need 4,500 square feet, this size might not match your budget. Go back to the previous item and weigh which areas you truly need and will use the most. Focus on creating extremely functional and enjoyable spaces in those areas, to maximize your budget and get the best fit for your family’s lifestyle.

Contact the Design Experts

A luxury home builder in Syracuse, IN is your best resource when determining the square footage for your home. The team at Buhrt Builders Inc. offers extensive experience in designing and building homes for families of all sizes. We’d be delighted to partner with you to create the ideal space for your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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