The Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

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In houses built decades ago, it was common for the kitchen to be kept out of sight, in a back corner of the house, out of the way of living spaces. But if you’ve watched any HGTV in the last 10 years, you know just how much that has changed. Today, the kitchen is often the heart of the home and a focal point for designers, and trends in kitchen design have changed significantly over the decades.

Here’s some information from our remodeling company in Syracuse, IN about some of the top kitchen design trends you’ll find in 2018.

More widespread use of technology

“Smart kitchens” have gone from being a luxury to a standard part of many homes in America. It’s not just the gadgets and appliances in your kitchen that are likely to have been upgraded, but how you use them. Today’s kitchens have new technologies integrated into just about every function. For example, you can get motion sensors for your kitchen faucets and soap dispensers, refrigerators that will provide you with alerts when certain items are running low, or coffee makers programmed to brew coffee at a certain time of day. Plus, you have devices that can be controlled via apps from your smartphone.

It is a brand new world when it comes to how technology is used in the kitchen, and these technologies can influence the types of designs used by remodelers.

White is classic, but dark is also big

White continues to be a classic favorite for the kitchen, because it provides a clean, bright look that is beautiful and timeless in any style of kitchen. White remains the most popular cabinet color in 2018, and all-white kitchens are often paired with islands in various paint colors and wood stains.

Gray is the second most popular choice for people looking for cabinet colors, as it is versatile and looks great with natural accents. But more and more, other dark jewel tones are working their way into the kitchen, including navy blue, emerald green and plum. Dark cabinet colors with lighter paint colors can provide a truly luxurious feel.

Streamlined and functional designs

While people still look for certain aesthetics like mid-century modern and farmhouse, the general trend in kitchens these days is to make them as streamlined and functional as possible to provide a stress-free environment. This means many kitchens are looking much simpler. One big trend has been the removal of upper wall cabinets to open up the space and make the room appear larger and brighter. This makes sense, as many people can’t reach the top shelves of those cabinets anyway.

Countertop materials

Quartz continues to be the most popular countertop material for kitchen remodels. The material is durable, capable of lasting decades, is easy to clean and is anti-microbial. Granite, another popular high-end countertop, requires a bit more maintenance.

The nice thing about quartz is that these days it comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, meaning you’ll be able to find quartz countertops that fit with just about any type of kitchen aesthetic.

For more info about some of this year’s biggest kitchen design trends, contact our remodeling company in Syracuse, IN.

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