How Baby Boomers Are Changing Home Remodeling

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Every generation ages in a different way. The traditional retirement included moving to retirement communities in sunny locales like Florida and Arizona. The year-round warm weather, access to outdoor activities and availability of high-quality medical care lured much of the country’s population to these hotspots.

But in recent years, things have begun to change. Baby boomers are less likely than previous generations to flee their homes and head south to retirement communities. Instead, they’re staying in their homes or downsizing and moving into new single-family homes. This shift means they’re more interested in updating their homes as they settle into retirement, looking for help from a quality remodeling contractor in Syracuse, IN and other locations around the nation.

Enjoying retirement at home

Staying at home offers a lot of advantages for retirees. Retirement homes are often disconnected from their surrounding communities and far from city centers, creating an atmosphere that’s somewhat isolated. Remaining at home also typically means retirees are closer to family members and friends.

The trend is resulting in 25 million baby boomers staying at home. One study found that there are nearly 3.6 million unoccupied bedrooms in baby boomers’ homes, as their kids reach adulthood and move out of the home.

Some other boomers are moving but still buying single-family homes. They may do this to avoid steep property taxes, heavy traffic or to locate better part-time employment opportunities. What they’re not doing as much is moving just based on the climate.

How remodeling fits in

This trend is resulting in baby boomers investing in their homes. Two areas of the house most popular for remodeling are bathrooms and kitchens. That’s because these rooms will have high returns on investment. So if that tile job in the bathroom is cracking or those cabinets in the kitchen are falling apart, you might want to think about renovation.

For retirees planning on staying in their homes, renovation can offer comfort and satisfaction while they live in the house while also boosting property values. Other popular projects include adding outdoor living spaces like decks and patios. These are ideal for entertaining guests—something retirees will finally have time to do with more regularity!

Finding the best company to remodel your home

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