The Best Fall Home Renovation and Maintenance Projects

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Any reputable remodeling company in Syracuse, IN would recommend looking into important home maintenance and getting repairs done throughout the year. Year-round preventative maintenance ensures your home is in a safe and livable condition, but there are some tasks that are best done during the cooler months. For one thing, you probably want to avoid working on big outdoor projects in the hot sun. Others are projects that should be done before the start of winter.

Keeping the house in good condition should be every homeowner’s goal. With that in mind, here are some big and small home renovation projects homeowners may want to tackle this fall:

  • Repair or replace your roof: With fall comes rain. If your roof is not in good shape, you could end up dealing with a leaky roof at some point in the season. Worse yet, small leaks that have gone undetected could grow bigger when temperatures drop, which could lead to excessive roof damage, and possibly a water-damaged home interior. It might be wise to hire a professional roofer to assess and fix problems right away. Roofs that are beyond repair should be replaced completely.
  • Replace windows: New windows are only a good investment to homeowners if they are of good quality and contribute to improving a home’s energy efficiency. Do you need replacement windows? You can probably benefit if you can feel chilly air seeping in through them, or you notice condensation or frost on the glass or between panes. You should obviously play a role in choosing your new windows, but leave window installation to the professionals.
  • Check your deck: Residential decks made of wood need to be refreshed or repaired regularly. The best time to do this is in the fall, after the summer sun has stopped blazing and you’re not using the deck as much. The weather has a hand in the wear and tear of your deck, including wood splintering, the finish or stain fading and handrails and stairs loosening.
  • Seal up gaps: Fall is the time when the cool air slowly turns chilly, but this chill should be outside, never indoors. Chilly drafts can make your indoor living space uncomfortable. Also, there’s a good chance your heating bills will skyrocket because you’re having to use the heater more. So, seal up those gaps! Check for gaps around windows and exterior doors and apply fresh caulking and weather stripping where it’s needed. Use products that are waterproof and crack-proof.
  • Clean and check gutter systems: The gutters and downspouts, along with the roof, are a part of your home’s water mitigation and drainage system. Rainwater rolls off the roof and into the gutters and flows down through the downspouts. The water is then moved away from your home’s foundation. To protect your property from water damage, the gutters must be free of debris, such as leaves and twigs.

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