The Latest Trends in Patios: Is It Time for a Remodel?

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Patio installation is by far one of the most popular outdoor home improvement projects, but when designing a new patio, it’s important to have a plan for how you’ll use it. With your ideas in mind, you’ll have a good vision for the type and quality of outdoor furniture, flooring, lighting and other features you’ll want to have on your patio. Think of your patio as a place to escape to when everything going on inside becomes too much to handle, or somewhere to relax whenever you please, and let these thoughts guide your planning process.

Below, an experienced patio builder in Syracuse, IN discusses the latest trends in patio remodeling, including designs, features and building tips.

Patio flooring

When it comes to patio flooring materials, you have several good options. You can choose one material to use for the patio base and surface, or play around with material combinations to create your ideal outdoor living space. Popular options include mixing multiple colors of gravel, combining pavers and irregular stone slabs or different sizes of river rock. A sturdy, solid patio floor will need proper bonding to prevent movement of materials.

Outdoor furniture

Once you know which material your patio will be made with, as well as its appearance and size, you should start shopping for outdoor patio furniture. The right furniture can make or break how much enjoyment you get out of the investment, so choose wisely. Woven wicker with aluminum framing is popular for its aesthetic value, comfort, ease of maintenance and affordability.

Outdoor kitchen

Being able to cook outside is a favorite American pastime. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors and want to be able to hang out with your guests while you cook, then an outdoor kitchen should be on your list of features for your patio project. The best part of outdoor kitchens is that you can design them to meet your needs and wants—there’s much more you can put in your outdoor kitchen than just an oven and a sink. In fact, homeowners are incorporating features like refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers and island countertops into their patio plans!

Fireplace or fire pit

There’s nothing better than sitting around a cozy fire on a chilly summer or fall evening, and you can have this wonderful experience all year long when you decide to install a patio fireplace or fire pit. Figure out whether a natural gas or wood burning fire feature is right for you. Either way, it will encourage family and friends to gather around for a night of conversation, refreshments and more!

Patio coverings

It’s a good idea to cover or shade your patio area, especially since you want relief from the blazing sun during hot summer days. Depending on where your patio space is located, consider a pergola style for a classic look or attach a cover that extends off your house and over the patio. These cover styles allow you to add on shades, or you can simply use large umbrellas or blinds if you need a less permanent option.

For more information about the latest patio trends, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced patio builder in Syracuse, IN at Buhrt Builders Inc. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation!

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