Questions for Your New Home Builder in Syracuse, IN

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Choosing to build a custom home instead of buying one that’s already on the market is a fantastic option for anyone who doesn’t like to settle. That said, it’s not exactly an easy process, and is often much more complicated than simply buying an existing home. This post will cover a few of the questions you should ask a new home builder in Syracuse, IN to hopefully make the building process easier.

Is the lot cost included?

Each home you look at will have a base cost that doesn’t include any add-ons or special features. Ask your home builder if the land is included in that base price, or if the price you see is only for the structure itself. If the lot cost isn’t included, find out what it is so you don’t end up spending way more money than you intended.

What are the standard finishes?

A low base price is always nice. However, that cost may be misleading. Some home builders will charge top dollar for desirable features like hardwood floors, high-quality countertops or upscale appliances. Walk through a model unit and have the home builder show you exactly what’s standard and what’s an upgrade. This will help you save money while getting the home of your dreams.

How long will the build take?

Timing is everything when it comes to building a new home, especially if you have to sell your current home or find someone to rent it. Be sure to ask your builder how long he expects the process to take and when you can move in. Keep in mind that builds are often delayed due to unforeseen problems, so don’t be too surprised if it takes a little longer than your home builder said.

What warranties are provided?

Even though you’ll be living in a brand-new home, that doesn’t mean your house won’t have any issues. Leaky roofs due to a storm or a burst pipe after a frigid night can happen to any house. Most home builders will offer a warranty to cover these unexpected accidents, which is nice since you won’t have to rely on insurance to cover the expenses. Obviously, you should look for a builder that offers a solid, comprehensive warranty.

Can I purchase my own appliances or materials?

Do you want specific carpeting or a particular brand of appliances? That can be a problem if the home builder doesn’t offer them. Even though the builder might not carry them, some companies will let you purchase the materials yourself and install them for you.

Is landscaping included?

If you want the best-looking home on the block, then you need to ensure that your property is beautifully landscaped. Some home builders will plant trees and shrubs to get your yard started, while others might leave you with a barren plot. Since landscaping tends to be quite expensive, you’ll want to know whether the home builder includes this in the price of the home.

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, then pick up the phone and give Buhrt Builders Inc. a call. As a longtime new home builder in Syracuse, IN, you can trust that we can answer any of your questions and build the home of your dreams.

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