Five Questions to Ask Your Prospective Remodeling Contractor in Syracuse, IN

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Choosing a home remodeling contractor in Syracuse, IN is not a “pick the first name that pops up in Google” kind of decision. It requires time and research, and when you meet up with a candidate to discuss your project, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask the important questions. Here are five of them.

How long have you been in business?

Getting a list of home remodeling contractors through word of mouth is a great start, but the selection process will require a little more legwork. Once you narrow down your options to a few local companies, the next step is to conduct your own research into those businesses’ histories. Start by checking out each company’s website, then verify with the state and county that they’re a legitimate business—they should be licensed, have up-to-date certifications, be registered to work on your particular type of project, etc. Next, contact each potential contractor and ask them directly about their business history.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

When you ask a remodeling company if they are licensed and insured, the answer should be an immediate “yes.” The contractor should have their company’s license and insurance policies posted in view in their office, but don’t hesitate to ask for copies of these documents. Keep in mind that this coverage protects you. After all, they offer better assurance to homeowners that they have the skills, knowledge and legal proof to do contracting work in the state.

Can you show me some past projects?

A good remodeling contractor will be proud of the work they’ve done. As such, they’ll be eager to let you see some examples of past projects and provide a few references. Be sure to look at examples of similar projects to the one you’re planning. For instance, if your project is a new indoor kitchen or bathroom, or a room addition, home in on these types of past projects. Don’t be shy about contacting former clients to find out what they liked and didn’t like about this particular remodeling contractor, and how they feel about the results of their project.

What’s your estimated timeframe for project completion?

One essential thing to ask a contractor about is their estimated timeframe for your project. You should want to know this, especially since you will have to plan your home life and possibly your work schedule around what the contractor says. A daily schedule is not likely, but an experienced remodeling contractor should be able to give you a pretty good idea of how long they think your project will take. Additionally, they should provide you with a reliable figure of what your total costs are likely to be.

Who will be at my house every day doing work?

Like many other home improvement services, the person who comes to your home to give an estimate will likely not be the individual coming back to oversee or do the job themselves. While this is normal, always find out who the point person will be and get their contact information. You are bound to have questions and concerns that arise during the project, so you’ll want to know where to direct them.

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