Six Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Home

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Whether you want extra privacy and security or are planning to sell your home soon, installing a new fence or upgrading an existing one can do wonders for any property. Here are six benefits of investing in residential fence installation in Syracuse, IN:

  • Security: One of the top reasons why homeowners decide to install a fence around their property is to increase security. Without a proper fence in place, you, your family and your property are totally open to everyone who passes by, as well as your neighbors. This also makes it incredibly easy for people and wildlife to wander onto your property. If you are concerned about someone stealing stuff from your backyard or animals causing destruction in your garden, build a fence! An older or dilapidated fence is also a concern. There may be boards missing or holes developing, which can be attractive to curious animals and hazardous to small children and pets.
  • Privacy: A majority of homeowners want privacy, and what better way to get it than by installing a quality fence? If the purpose of your new fence is to keep your home life private, ask the fence installer about your privacy fence options. Materials range from wood panels to stone, and you’ll also have many styles to choose from. Price will likely also be a factor in your decision. You can also choose to install a less expensive fence and plant trees or bushes all along it as a privacy shield.
  • Aesthetics: When envisioning the American dream of owning a home, what do you see? You might imagine a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. While a traditional option, picket fences are not very sturdy and don’t last as long as other fence options. Instead, build a proper fence that looks great and can keep kids and pets in a safe space.
  • Property value: Planning to sell your home soon, or sometime down the road? Having an attractive, well-maintained fence installed around your house will attract potential home buyers. Seeing as how the fence runs around the perimeter of the property, it will be the first feature prospective buyers see when driving up and walking into the backyard. A professionally installed and nicely painted fence is sure to impress everyone who takes a tour of your home.
  • Peace of mind: A well-constructed fence is just plain good for any homeowner’s peace of mind. It makes you feel good that your home is not an eyesore, and that wandering eyes are not seeing everything going on inside your house or yard. Want convenience with extra security? Add a locking gate to your fence.
  • Local rules and regulations: Because of city rules and regulations, it may be a legal requirement for homeowners to have fences in place, even if all parties involved would prefer not to. Contact your municipality or county for more information.

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