How to Upgrade Your Deck

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If you have a deck attached to your front or back porch, you know that it’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. As the weather starts cooling down into fall, it might even be more pleasant to enjoy the outdoors from your deck. Summer is also a great time for remodeling and home improving projects, including deck upgrades in Syracuse, IN. If you’re looking for ways to improve your deck this season, read on for some ideas:

  • Add more textiles: One very simple way to upgrade your deck that requires no remodeling is to add more textiles to the space. Outdoor furniture is often hard, and can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. It also does little to improve the homey feel of a space. Adding cushions and pillows as well as an outdoor rug or seat covers can instantly improve the comfort and appearance of your deck.
  • Improve railings: The railings on your deck are very important for safety as well as aesthetics. Those with pets or small children should especially consider investing in deck railing upgrades in Syracuse, IN. Consider integrating materials that match the style of your home’s architecture and exterior. You can also incorporate additional features like glass panels for protection from the sun, screens to protect from bugs and more.
  • Add screens: Not every deck has a great all-around view, and some views from your deck might be better than others. There’s no reason to endure negative views on one side, and screens can be a great solution. Attractive structures made of complementary materials in stylish designs can help camouflage the sides of your deck that are less attractive in terms of the views they offer. Small-slat screens are especially useful and create a seamless border for one side of a deck.
  • Sun protection: During the heat of summer, you may wish that your deck got a little less sun than it does. There are many things you can do for deck upgrades in Syracuse, IN to add some sun protection. Glass panels on the railings can help minimize sun exposure, installing a roof over your deck can help provide even more shade and you can even create pull-down shades from outdoor fabrics to completely shield your deck from the sun’s harmful rays. There are many all-weather fabrics to choose from that you can use to complement the style and colors you’ve used for your deck’s construction.
  • Outdoor lights: While you may get more light than you need in the daytime, you may wish for additional lighting once the sun goes down so you can continue to enjoy your deck in the evenings. Install lights overhead or sconces on the walls to provide adequate lighting for enjoying your deck at nighttime. Hanging lights and string lights are also great options.

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