Update Your Patio to Enjoy It This Fall

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Now that summer is almost officially over; you may think it’s time to stop hanging out on your patio and start spending all of your time indoors. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case! With a few updates, you can use your patio throughout autumn and possibly even into the winter. Continue reading to learn about these updates and all of the potential fall patio uses in Syracuse, IN:

  • Keep it warm and comfortable: Brisk days are a reminder that fall is here, and the chilly winds can also make it a bit uncomfortable to be outside. The good news is that keeping your patio warm is fairly easy. Buy heat lamps or even install an outdoor fire pit to ensure you can use your patio on even the coldest days. The best part? Heat lamps and fire pits are both affordable on nearly any budget.
  • Cover it up: A blustery gust of wind can quickly drive everyone inside for warmth. Avoid this by adding a canopy or other type of cover to your patio. You could also make part of your patio permanently covered, though that will likely cost more than a basic canopy or awning.
  • Update your furniture: Is your patio furniture faded and worn-looking from the summer sun? Now that the season has changed, we recommend investing in some new outdoor furniture that’ll enhance the overall appearance of your patio. On top of that, new patio furniture is bound to be more comfortable for you and all of your guests.
  • Install more lighting: The days will continue to get shorter and shorter, meaning less time spent outside if your patio isn’t well lit. Now is the perfect time to add more outdoor lighting. Consider going with string lights to enhance your patio’s appearance and make it functional throughout the evening.
  • Bring your tech outside: Any football fans will be reluctant to spend time outdoors if they can’t watch the game! Make sure everyone’s entertained by mounting a TV outside. You might also want to consider installing some surround-sound speakers to give everyone a great game day experience.
  • Add an outdoor kitchen: That game day experience won’t be complete without some food! Instead of running back and forth from the inside of your house, prepare everything outside with a full kitchen. Trust us, having all the food right there will make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Decorate with fall foliage: The summer decor on your patio surely looks nice, but it’s time to switch things up! Redecorate your patio by planting fall flowers like mums, Joe Pye weeds and zinnias. You can also add an extra pop of fall color with some pumpkins.

Stop hanging out inside, and get to work making your patio functional all year long! At Buhrt Builders Inc., we strive to provide our customers with the best patios at the lowest prices in town. Give us a call today to get a quote for our services or learn more about fall patio uses in Syracuse, IN.

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