Kitchen Remodels for 2020

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It’s now fall, and this is a good time for all kinds of indoor remodeling projects. Now is a great time to consider 2020 kitchen remodel trends in Syracuse, IN and finish that new kitchen before your relatives come to visit for the holidays. Many of these ideas are feasible on a budget and add new style and pop to an otherwise dull kitchen. Here are six kitchen trends for 2020 to inspire you:

  • Quartz counters: Quartz has it all, from beauty to easy maintenance. You will never need to seal or scrub a countertop again, as it is a low-maintenance material that will never demand the same attention as granite. It’s also the right color and works well with light and dark colors. With its shimmering long-lasting surface, you will likely enjoy it for the entire time you live in your home and eliminate one element from any future remodeling plans.
  • Color: Gone are the days when your only choices were white, light or dark wood for your cabinets. Color has come back, but rather than burnt orange or avocado, you are looking at blue, red and yellow options. Blue is very popular as it is a fairly neutral color that goes with everything, but never fails to pop. You will likely be able to find cabinets in any of your favorite colors, including burgundy and the traditional wood grains.
  • Open layout: Designers realized that the kitchen is not just a workplace, but also a social center. New kitchens are open to allow for socializing and informal dining. Many homes still have a formal dining room, but there is also a less formal space in the kitchen. Walls also come down to allow for better integration with the kitchen and other entertainment spaces, like the family room. The days of kitchen isolation are over.
  • Induction cooking: Induction cooking offers several advantages. It is safer because it keeps heat contained. Surfaces remain safe to touch, and smaller kitchens stay cool, even when you are cooking on a summer day. The days of an all-day roast heating up your entire house have come to an end. Induction cooking also offers aesthetic advantages. Induction stoves do not require the large range hood of conventional, stoves so you can enjoy many new design possibilities.
  • Marble: Marble is not limited to countertops. Very few have the budget to afford that, anyway. But you can enjoy marble without going broke. Consider a marble backsplash or partial countertops. You can also use it within a small range hood if you install induction cooking appliances. If your budget is tight, you can still enjoy the material with marble plates, bowls and other kitchen accessories. There is always a way to integrate a little marble into your life.
  • Integrated appliances: Many clients enjoy this feature immensely. Even attractive high-end appliances can stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the overall atmosphere of a new kitchen. Appliance integration helps refrigerators and ovens blend in using paneling and built-ins. You can choose something unique that helps the appliance become a style statement or recede into the background.

Buhrt Builders Inc. is ready to bring 2020 kitchen remodel trends in Syracuse, IN to your home. Contact us today if you wish to create the perfect kitchen in time for the holidays.

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