Custom Homes vs. Pre-Built Homes: What’s the Difference?

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So, you’re ready to buy or build a new home. Great! It’s an exciting experience that opens worlds of possibilities! But what option is right for you? What are the chief differences between custom homes vs. production homes, and what makes one more or less appealing than the other?

The decision can be a lot for Syracuse, IN homebuyers to consider. Thankfully, the differences are clear-cut and simply explained. Are custom homes better than prebuilt homes? What advantages do production homes offer? If these are questions bouncing around in your mind, here’s everything you need to know to answer them.

What are custom homes?

A custom home is one you design from the ground up. Typically, you work with an architect and a home building contractor, or a design-build firm that can handle it all. Every detail will require your input, from the general layout of the home, to the materials used to build it, to where on your property it’s located. Oh, and it requires having a plot of land to build it on… so you’ll need to acquire that too!

Typically, this option is for people who have a specific vision or set of needs for their home. It allows you to customize the most fundamental parts of your home, so it meets every facet of your expectations. It’s more than likely going to cost more than a pre-built home, but it’s also likely the last home you’ll ever live in.

Here’s a basic overview of custom homes:

  • Land purchased separately
  • Work with architect or designer to build floor plan
  • Homeowners are more involved in the process
  • All details must be considered, including budget, materials and brands
  • Home builder oversees the construction process using your plans

What are pre-built homes?

Pre-built homes—also called production homes—are much less involved, but still offer discerning homeowners a range of possibilities. If you want to customize your home, but don’t have a specific vision, this option is likely for you.

Basically, you select the design you want from a specific collection and a builder brings it to life. You don’t have to worry about floor plan or layout conception—just pick what works for you. Builders will also have catalogs of materials and brands for you to pick your finishing elements from. It’s a less comprehensive process and often less overwhelming for people who want a say in their home, without the responsibility of fully planning it.

Here’s a basic overview of pre-built homes:

  • The home and land are priced in a package
  • Choose from a range of standardized house plans
  • Buyers select style/design elements from predetermined product categories
  • Homes are priced in packages, depending on budget
  • Build time is typically faster at the expense of customization

Custom homes vs. production homes

If you’re getting ready to build a home in Syracuse, IN, you might still be wondering which option is right for you: custom homes vs. production homes? Think about how specific you want to be in the design of your home and how much you want to spend. The more specific and the higher your budget, the more a custom home is right for you. If you have general preferences and moderate spending expectations, production homes will serve you just fine.

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