How Long Does It Take to Design a Custom Home?

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Designing your own custom home is one of the most exciting projects you might ever undertake, but we’re often asked just how long it takes to complete. Most people are eager to get started, but don’t realize what the custom home design process requires. Your custom home design timeline in Syracuse, IN will depend on a number of factors, from design complexity to necessary permits, but you should plan on a four-month design period, give or take. Here’s what goes into the general process:

  • Getting to know each other: First, you and your design contractor will conduct an initial interview and get to know whether the project and working styles are a good fit for each other. You’ll discuss what you want to get out of your custom home, as well as budgets and other factors. Depending on whether you’re ready to go or just researching, this phase can vary in length.
  • Contracts and questions: After you’ve decided to work together, you’ll sign agreements with your contractor, then start getting down to the meat and potatoes of what you want in your custom home. Many contractors send home questionnaires for clients to fill out at their leisure, allowing them the time they need to really decide what they want.
  • The research phase: Next, your contractors will start researching everything involved in building your unique home. This involves meeting with surveyors and city officials, as well as reviewing the client questionnaire and any other additional documents or inspiration the client has provided.
  • Conceptual design: This is the phase where your design contractor will take all of the information they’ve gathered and start generating designs and diagrams for the client to review. At this point, the general budget is established, and clients get to take home the designs to mull over.
  • Architectural design: After the general design structure is approved, your contractor will start making architectural designs. Meanwhile, the client continues to review the design on a more specific level, like choosing fixtures and finishes.
  • Permits and other paperwork: Finally, the construction documents (including the design) are completed, and the necessary permits are applied for. Given that the permitting process varies wildly by location, type of project and more, the timing of this specific phase can also vary drastically. Usually it takes two to three weeks to complete and file all paperwork, but getting approval could take a lot longer.

In short, four months is the average amount of time required to start and conclude the custom home design timeline, but there are no guarantees. Once you talk to your contractor, you should have an individualized outlook.

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