When Is the Best Time of Year to Remodel My Home?

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Owning a home offers plenty of opportunities to change things up. Not just the little things like interior decorating and planting flowers, but bigger, more permanent changes—think room additions, bathroom upgrades and kitchen renovations. All these improvement projects and more are possible with the right mindset and timing. With this in mind, when is the best time of the year to move forward on a home remodeling project?

Believe it or not, the best time of year for a home remodel in Syracuse, IN is actually any time you like. It’s true! Winter, spring, summer or fall, as long as you are prepared to commit to a home project, the month or season you start does not matter all that much. However, the timing of certain home improvement projects is still important. For instance, you might want to wait until the weather is pleasant before installing new windows, or hold off on a roof replacement until rain is long gone from the forecast.

Let’s take a look at some home remodeling projects and the ideal months in which to do them.

January through March

Don’t let the colder temperatures of January, February and early March keep you from a home remodel. If you need to dig a foundation or pour concrete, the frozen ground and dry air is actually an advantage. A completed foundation for a room addition can be covered should rain roll in as spring nears, while construction work can continue on dry days. Another benefit of a winter start date is that it’s a less busy time for builders, typically due to homeowners waiting for spring or for their tax refunds to arrive.

April through June

Spring is a popular season for home renovation projects. The weather is nice, and people want a change, whether that means adding a new deck or installing a patio or sunroom for outdoor enjoyment. So, it’s not surprising that April through June is the busiest time for most home builders and remodelers. Book a spring start date early enough in the year and you can start your project, but you will probably pay more for labor and materials.

July through September

The summer months bring hot days, which is why July through September is prime time for indoor home upgrades like bathroom or kitchen remodels or an attic conversion. The pros also recommend roofing projects during the summer months, because roofing materials need warmer (but not scorching) temperatures to seal properly.

October through December

When the fall months roll around, home remodeling tends to wrap up. The holidays are approaching and, chances are, you want any in-progress projects done before guests are expected to arrive at your door for dinners and parties. If your plans don’t include holiday guests, then the holiday season is a good time to schedule a big project. Builders’ calendars are more open, and you might save money on time and materials.

Once you pinpoint the best time of year for your home remodel in Syracuse, IN, pick up the phone and call the team at Buhrt Builders Inc. for expert assistance. We’re here to make your ideas a reality!

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