What Is the Best Order for Basic Remodeling?

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Your house is an asset unlike any other you will ever own. Turning it into a home is a long process that can be supplemented by partnering with a firm like Buhrt Builders Inc. to perform renovations that can make the home more comfortable for everyone, add resale value and curb appeal and give you a greater sense of pride in your living situation.

Home remodeling in Syracuse, IN should usually follow a logical order to ensure the job is done right and make sure you’re not damaging or undoing any previous work. While there will always be exceptions, and every property is unique, here’s a general process that works for most of our clients when they’re performing renovations:

  • Demolition: Made famous on a million reality home shows as swinging a sledgehammer into the center of a wall, demolition is actually a far more controlled and skilled process. It’s messy, too, and if you do happen to damage anything during this, you can fix it down the road.
  • Lights: Replacing lights can involve damage to drywall, so knock this out early on as part of your home remodeling in Syracuse, IN to be sure any damage you may do can easily be fixed later.
  • Bath makeover: If you’re working on redoing your bathroom, this should come next. You’re likely not just replacing fixtures, but also doing a number of other types of work, like drywall, tiling and flooring. The tiling should be done before you install cabinets or fixtures, since experienced contractors will run a bit of tile under bath fixtures to make the lines seamless.
  • Plumbing and electrical: These team members will likely be working on their various jobs at different points throughout the process. Their work typically involves digging into walls, so you want to be sure they’re hard at work and close to finishing what needs to be done by the time drywall is ready to be installed.
  • Drywalling: Drywall is the next thing you’ll want to do, as you’ll be finally ready to repair any drywall that’s been damaged during home remodeling in Syracuse, IN. Getting a clean slate of drywall is a great way to start putting the finishing touches on the project.
  • Carpentry and painting: Now that the drywall is hung up and ready to go, it’s time to hang the molding and do some painting! Make sure you’ve picked your colors well ahead of time—this is the fun part!
  • Install new appliances: Bring in the new appliances and make sure the painter is the last person out the door—any prior work might be dinged up by moving in the large furniture and appliances.

A home remodeling project in Syracuse, IN is a significant undertaking, but you can make it simpler by having a good plan in place and working with a company like Buhrt Builders Inc. Doing things in a set order helps you be sure you’re not affecting any previous work and maximizing the efficiency of the project. Minimizing waste and avoiding wasted effort is something we take pride in, so call us today to schedule a consultation!

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