2020 Trends to Get Your Perfect Kitchen This Year!

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Like many people in the U.S., it is likely you are cooking at home more often and trying to stay safe from the pandemic. Any shortcomings with your kitchen that were once mere inconveniences may be intolerable now. That makes now a good time to consider remodeling your kitchen into a space that is more enjoyable and accessible. Here are five 2020 kitchen trends to consider for a new and modern kitchen in Syracuse, IN:

  • Contrasting countertops: The days of having your kitchen all one color are over. Dark counters with light cabinets is one of the new trends, and it is absolutely stunning! Black granite is a favorite among consumers, and it is well loved for warmth and sophistication. If you are tired of stark white everywhere or you have been stuck with avocado green and mustard yellow since forever, a modern contrast may be exactly what you seek.
  • Cool colors: There are those who like the white kitchen trend for the lack of clutter and clean lines, but wish for a bit more contrast. Adding glass doors to your cabinets with blue backgrounds offers the same contrast, but with cool tones rather than warm ones. This works great for kitchens with natural light. Adding a bit of warm tones in furnishings and lighting will bring the look together. If you go for a blue and white theme, consider adding pops of bronze and gold in light fixtures, backsplashes or chairs.
  • Stunning backsplashes: Backsplashes make a stunning focal point behind sinks and stoves. A slab backsplash adds a dramatic flair to a clean background, while also performing its purpose of keeping grease and water off walls. For sinks, consider using brightly-colored tile. If there was a tile variety you could not afford in large quantities for your bathroom, consider buying a few pieces to create a backsplash. You will get to enjoy a favorite design along with functionality.
  • Double islands: It may be awhile before we have big dinners or parties, but kitchens are still high-traffic rooms. A double island helps improve flow and cleaning, as it divides the areas between food preparation and serving. One island can include chairs and the sink, while the other is designed for food prep and small appliances. This is a great way to improve flow and help guests feel less like in the way as you cook.
  • Steel hoods: There is a surge in custom oven hoods, and people are moving away from basic painted wood or boring stainless steel. Steel and plasterwork are preferred designs, as they combine function and style. With the right color and placement, you secure another focal point for your kitchen, and they make a great contrast with a slab backsplash.

Buhrt Builders Inc. offers custom home building and residential remodeling services. Whether you are building your kitchen from scratch or looking to modernize your current kitchen in Syracuse, IN, one of these 2020 kitchen trends likely appeals to you. Contact us today to make your vision a reality.

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