What Comes First When It’s Time to Renovate?

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Regardless of the specific project, renovating a home is a massive undertaking. Great care must be taken to ensure the renovation goes off without a hitch and the new upgrades look as good as possible. Although there’s no truly wrong way to go about home renovations in Syracuse, IN, remodeling contractors do recommend following some guidelines to assure the project’s success. Continue reading to learn the steps we advise taking while remodeling your home:

  • Design and organize: Whether you’re coming up with the design yourself or working alongside your contractor and an architect, the first step should always be making a detailed design plan. The more time you spend on your design, the higher the chance of success for your project. Your contractor should be able to help you with your plan if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas!
  • Foundational work: Any work on the foundation isn’t pretty, nor is it easy. Although you might not even see the final results of the work, you can’t forget this step. Anything wrong with the foundation or roof should be addressed soon so the rest of the project goes according to plan. Be sure to hire a reputable contractor who knows what to look for regarding any foundational issues.
  • Demolition: Demo time is often when homeowners can get in and get their hands dirty! While you’re more than welcome to tackle part of the demolition by yourself, we always recommend doing so under a contractor’s supervision. The last thing you want is to damage or remove something that shouldn’t be touched.
  • Utility work: Now that the demo is done, contractors can set to work on the utilities. Obviously, this step depends on the project at hand, but this is when we’ll do things like move air ducts, rework plumbing and do any electrical rewiring. Skimping on this phase of home renovations in Syracuse, IN leads to long-term issues, so be sure your contractor is taking their time to ensure the job is done right.
  • Insulation and drywall: With all of the new electrical, plumbing and HVAC work complete, your contractor can put up walls and insulate them. If applicable, we always recommend upgrading your insulation at this phase of the renovation. It’s a small one-time expense that can save you hundreds of dollars over the coming years.
  • Interior design: Now that all of the heavy lifting is done, we can redesign your space. This phase is when we’d lay down new flooring, paint walls and install new fixtures. Again, talk to your remodeling contractor if you’re having trouble picking out new materials for your home.
  • Clean up: Finally, your construction crew should take a day or two to thoroughly clean up the mess from the renovation. Although cleaning up is a pain, contractors shouldn’t leave this last step up to the homeowners.

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It’s true that some home renovations in Syracuse, IN can be performed without the help of a professional, but that’s typically not the case. If you’re considering remodeling your home, choose our team at Buhrt Builders Inc. to get the job done on time and on budget!

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