The Easiest DIY Curb Appeal Tips You Can Start Implementing Today

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Curb appeal counts for a lot when you’re getting ready to sell your home—but even if you’re planning to stay there forever, keeping your exterior looking great raises the value of the neighborhood and contributes to your own enjoyment. When you want your home to look just as beautiful outside as it is inside, try these curb appeal tips in Syracuse, IN. When it comes time for bigger projects, call the team at Buhrt Builders Inc.

The first thing you should do is walk around your entire home and look for what could be improved. Whether it’s paint, landscaping, a new front door or something else entirely, small details matter. Here are some easy DIY curb appeal tips that you can start on your next day off:

  • Freshen up the exterior: How does your paint or siding look? If it’s been a while since you last touched up your home’s exterior, there are probably some places you need to address. Dirt and grime can be washed off with a power washer (rent one at your local home improvement store). If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can repaint your home, too.
  • Get a new front door: Sometimes simple touches make a big difference. New front doors are a great way to update your home’s exterior without undertaking a huge project. Consider a bright jewel-tone door, or repaint your existing door.
  • Upgrade the landscaping: We assume you mow the lawn regularly and weed the garden, but how’s the rest of your landscaping? If it’s looking a little bare, why not plant a tree, freshen up the mulch and add some shrubbery? A quick trip to your local home improvement store can yield impressive results.
  • Try a new mailbox: As with a new front door, small touches like a new mailbox matter. A new mailbox can add to a fresh, new appearance—choose something that looks modern yet complements your home’s architecture and colors. (Alternatively, you can opt for a fun novelty mailbox, but that might not appeal to buyers if that’s your goal.)
  • Clean up your sidewalks and walkways: Like landscaping, keeping sidewalks and walkways clean makes a big difference in how people perceive your home. If your walkway is covered in dead leaves and plant debris, it won’t look particularly welcoming. Sweep everything up for an instant fix.
  • Add exterior lighting: Outdoor lighting adds beauty and security to your home. Use lights to highlight your favorite architectural or garden features, or switch out your porch light to a more modern fixture.
  • Get new house numbers: This is a simple touch, but it can really pull your home’s exterior together. Pick a style that goes with your light fixtures, mailbox and general exterior style.
  • Make your entryway inviting: Finally, try sprucing up your home exterior with potted plants and trees, put down a fresh doormat and repaint any trim or railing.

If these curb appeal tips have inspired you to renovate your Syracuse, IN home, call the team at Buhrt Builders Inc. today. We’d love to help!

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