What Building Materials Can I Choose from When Building a Deck?

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The decision to build a deck is one you’ll come to appreciate for years after your outdoor space is finally constructed. Whether you prefer to eat and entertain on it or soak up some sun with a good book, a deck unlocks the immense potential of outdoor living on your property. But, like all things, it’ll require some upkeep. The best way to anticipate this upkeep is by understanding your options for deck building materials.

Here in Syracuse, IN, you need to consider decking material that’ll stand up to all four seasons—the harsh summer sun, windy fall weather, the snow and ice of winter and the torrential rains of spring. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the best materials for deck building in this area.

Organic deck materials

Organic decking is better known as natural wood decking—meaning the deck is constructed using treated wood planks. Many people prefer organic decking because it offers great resilience and style, with different wood hardness and grain options to choose from. Here are a few of the most common types of organic deck materials:

  • Fir: Fir is among the most common and most affordable natural wood options for decks.
  • Cedar: Cedar decks are also inexpensive and “heartwood” boards are easily stained.
  • Redwood: The most expensive domestic wood option, it’s also the most beautiful.
  • Ipe: An expensive imported wood option, Ipe is naturally resistant to all weathering.

Any of these materials is made even more beautiful and resilient using stains and sealants, which will keep water and rot at bay. Just make sure you’re factoring in re-staining and re-sealing every four to five years as part of organic deck maintenance and upkeep.

Engineered deck materials

Engineered deck materials are those made from synthetic materials. They often mimic the look and feel of natural wood; however, they also come in a wide range of colors and textures that transcend natural options. The reason many homeowners choose them for deck building is because their upkeep demands are marginal:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl decking is the gold standard in engineered material, with numerous options.
  • Composite: Made of PVC and other synthetics, it’s an equivalent alternative to vinyl.

There’s almost no end to the number of colors, textures, styles and options for engineered deck materials. Many modern engineered materials even come with the hardware necessary to install them—or else snap together for quick and convenient installation!

Which option is right for you?

It’s hard to beat the natural appeal of organic wood decks; however, the low maintenance demands of engineered materials are equally as appealing. Both options are ideal for deck building in Syracuse, IN, which means your decision comes down to factors like cost, preference and lifestyle.

It’s hard to find a wrong answer among so many diverse and appealing deck materials. If you’re stuck, ask a professional at Buhrt Builders Inc. about the long-term pros and cons of any style you’re interested in. The best decision is an informed one.

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