How Can a Pergola Be Customized?

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Sitting in the backyard on a beautiful day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Finding the right spot where there’s just the right amount of shade but also enough sunlight to warm the skin can be heaven on Earth. The good news is that there is a way to create this spot in your own home using a pergola. Here we will discuss how a pergola can be customized in Syracuse, IN.

What is a pergola?

Since there are so many different styles of pergolas, you might be wondering what exactly makes something a pergola? Basically, a pergola is any type of shade structure in your backyard with an open lattice roof. Usually, this is supported by columns.

The lattice roof is a defining characteristic of pergolas, since these structures are designed to provide some shade from full, direct sunlight but also allow some sun to pass through. They are also designed to allow for free airflow, since they do not have walls. While a pergola can be freestanding, they are sometimes found attached to the walls of a home.

Customizing a pergola

There’s more value in a pergola than simply providing a shady respite from the heat of the sun in your backyard. This structure can really help define a space and act as a central gathering spot. There are many ways to take this simple structure and make it your own. Here are some ideas for how you can customize a pergola in Syracuse, IN:

  • Climbing plants: The open design of a pergola makes it a great structure for climbing plants. This can create a romantic feel to your outdoor space and add some colorful and sweet-smelling natural beauty to your home. Plants like wisteria, sweet pea vines and morning glory all have beautiful blooms and can be trained to climb up the columns and around the lattice roof of a pergola. These can be grown from the ground near the columns or placed in planters around the structure.
  • Add seating: There are many seating options to place under a pergola, but you can also build in bench seating that matches the look of the rest of the structure. These can also double as storage spaces for cushions or other amenities.
  • Lighting: A simple and elegant way to bring your pergola to life at night is to add some type of rope or string lighting. Some suggestions are bistro lights with round bulbs, rope lighting or LED string lights. Some of these options can even change color and can be activated by remote control.

Since 1947, Buhrt Builders Inc. has worked to develop a reputation for high-end home construction, luxury designs and trademark quality. If you’re looking to get your own pergola installed or to find out more about how a pergola can be customized in Syracuse, IN, contact the experienced professionals at Buhrt Builders Inc. for more information. We’d be glad to schedule a consultation to discuss your wishes and determine what type of design would be best for your property.

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