Planning Permission for a Pergola

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Relaxing on the patio in the backyard is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. To help create that perfect blend of shade and sunlight, you might consider adding a pergola into the mix. But what kind of planning permission do you need for a pergola in Syracuse, IN?

A pergola is a type of patio cover, and it requires construction to install. Just like any other construction project, you will need planning permission for a pergola in Syracuse, IN. Here is more information about pergolas and some details about what kind of permits might be required.

Is a pergola a freestanding structure?

There are many different styles of pergolas, but they all have a few basic things in common that define them as pergolas. Basically, a pergola is any type of shade structure in your backyard with an open lattice roof. Usually, this is supported by columns. It’s not necessarily freestanding, since it can be attached to the walls of a home.

The lattice roof and lack of walls are defining characteristics of pergolas. These structures are designed to provide some shade from full, direct sunlight but also allow some sunlight to pass through. They are also designed to allow air to flow freely through them.

Required building permits for pergolas

You will need to obtain the proper permits from the city to install a pergola in your yard. This is to make sure the construction is done safely and the structure will remain stable. You’ll also need to have this construction properly documented with permits if you choose to sell the home at some point.

There are often different building codes for state, county and city jurisdictions. A general rule is to follow your most local municipality’s permitting process, as that will also adhere to the more general rules above it. For example, if you follow the city’s requirements, you’ll be following county and state regulations as well, since local municipalities aren’t allowed to loosen the rules.

Here are some common requirements to look out for:

  • Height: There will likely be regulations of how high your pergola can reach. For example, the highest point probably cannot be more than 12 feet from the ground.
  • Distances and depths: There may be regulations around the distance between columns and posts and beams, as well as the depth and diameter of columns or posts.
  • Span chart: A span chart is used to help determine proper wood dimensions. Depending on the span, or overall coverage area, you may need larger pieces of lumber to handle the load of the structure.

If you’re looking to have a pergola installed at your home or to find out more about planning permission for a pergola in Syracuse, IN, contact the experienced professionals at Buhrt Builders Inc. Since 1947, we’ve been working to hone a reputation for high-end home construction, luxury designs and trademark quality. Whether you’re interested in installing a pergola or are looking to complete a major building project, we hope you’re reach out to us to arrange a consultation!

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