The Top Renovation Trends for 2021: Home Gyms

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Working out in a home gym makes exercise a lot more convenient. If you’ve been mulling over renovations to tackle this year, why not turn your attic, basement or spare room into a home gym? Best of all, it doesn’t have to look like a utilitarian box—you can customize your home gym in Syracuse, IN to make it a place where you actually want to work out.

Here are some ideas for creating a home gym in your house.

Attic gyms

If you have an attic space—finished or not—you can renovate it to create a home gym. Naturally, it will be less expensive to create a home gym in an already-finished attic, but don’t let a lack of a finished attic stop you. Any time you can create more livable space in your home, you’re increasing its value.

If you enjoy impact-heavy workouts, however, consider how the noise will travel—and over which rooms the workouts will take place. You might not want to recreate the sound of a herd of elephants right over the baby’s nursery.

Basement gyms

Basements are another great place to situate a home gym, especially because unlike attics, the sound won’t travel as much. Your finished basement can include workout space—but if you really want to go all out, consider installing a bathroom with a shower. If you ever decide to ditch the workout equipment, you’ll have a guest suite downstairs.

Since basements typically lack natural light, be sure to factor that into your design. Consider recessed LED lighting: it’s bright, doesn’t take up a lot of vertical space and won’t heat up the room. Adding a wall of mirrors will increase the light. Plus, it helps you correct your form.

Tiny home gyms

If you have a big backyard, why not add a tiny home? Also known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), they’re perfect for setting up a dedicated area to work out. If you have a pool, the space can double as a pool house.

Garage gyms

If you don’t need your garage for your car, consider converting that into a home gym. It’s usually one of the most spacious areas in a home, making it perfect for your stationary bikes, weights, conditioning equipment and more. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out for yoga, places to hang a punching bag and anything else your fitness-obsessed heart desires.


Finally, when you’re considering a home gym, don’t forget the décor. For example, lighting and mirrors are important for dark, enclosed spaces, like basement gyms. However, any home gym can benefit from some thoughtful décor. Whether you want to make it look like a professional gym, a peaceful yoga studio or something straight out of Architectural Digest, choose your colors, wall art and lighting carefully. The better it looks, the more you’ll want to work out.

When you’re ready to create the home gym of your dreams in Syracuse, IN, call Buhrt Builders Inc. We’d love to start discussing the particulars of your project!

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