What Time of Year Should I Build a Custom Home?

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If you’re taking the steps to build a custom home, congratulations! You’ve made a choice that ensures you will get exactly what you want. You can include all of your must-have custom home design features, style and floor plans. You can enjoy your custom home for years to come, knowing that every element of it is suited to your needs.

Now it’s time to start considering the details of how to make a custom home design happen. Read on to find out about when you should schedule a custom home to be built.

Spring is ideal

Many custom home builders work close to year-round, so long as the cold of the winter doesn’t interrupt progress. Once winter comes to a close, it’s the best time to build your custom home. This is the optimal time of year to do construction on a custom home, for numerous reasons:

  • Additional daylight: Once the summer solstice hits in June, night arrives earlier and earlier, shortening the workday. If you start the project in the spring, builders can maximize the number of hours of sunlight in the day. The days will be longer toward the end of the project.
  • Better weather conditions: If you wait until the fall, it’s possible that construction will last into the colder winter months. This could cause delays to the building schedule. Meanwhile, if you start in the summer, you may be dealing with extreme heat and unpredictable thunderstorms. The humidity during the summer can also hamper work. That’s why spring is best—it’s not too hot or too cold.
  • Scheduling during the winter: The easiest way to stick to a schedule is to avoid wasting time. You can use the colder months to get all the planning done for your custom home build. Then your construction team will be able to hit the ground running when spring hits. It’s best to work with professional custom home designers to get all the details right so that when it’s time to build, you’re prepared.

Other times of year

If you live in an area where the winters are mild, you may instead want to build during these months. Sometimes construction materials are less in demand in the fall and winter, so you could see some savings. For example, the price of lumber often drops during these months. Also, there’s typically less demand for labor during these seasons, meaning your construction crew may have additional availability.

Overall, you want to pick a time of year that’s cool and dry. You want to avoid extreme temperatures, excess humidity and other unpredictable weather factors as much as possible.

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