2022 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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Have you resolved to make 2022 the year you finally remodel your bathroom? It’s an exciting decision to make. Once you’ve chosen your remodeling contractor for the job, you’ll need to sit down together and plan out the design. As you do so, you might consider some of the current bathroom remodeling trends and whether there are any that speak to you.

Here are a few examples of what we’re seeing in bathroom remodeling trends around the United States.

Simplicity with colors

People are returning to a more minimalist style with their color schemes, choosing scaled-back designs that evoke calmness and relaxation. Spaces might just use a single color at times but create more visual interest around the room with different tones and textures. The single-color layering approach helps provide more depth to the space, but it’s also naturally relaxing to people in the room. Considering the bathroom is where most people start and end their day, it makes sense to prioritize relaxation in a remodel.

Focus on sustainability

The focus on using environmentally-friendly fixtures and products has been growing stronger for several years now, and it’s more important in 2022 than ever as consumers continue to prioritize sustainability. This includes everything from lighting to plumbing and the products you use in the bathroom.

Consider implementing features like LED lighting, automatic faucets, low-flow showerheads and eco-friendly toilets. This will help you save water and energy and lower your home’s environmental impact.

A return to vintage fixtures

We’ve seen a lot of hyper-modernity in recent years with the kinds of fixtures people implement in their bathroom remodels, but lately there are a lot more people embracing vintage appearances with the fixtures they install. This includes everything from old-style sinks and tubs to chandeliers and lighting fixtures on walls.

Vintage statement pieces can make for a great total-design inspiration for a bathroom and can help to tie the room together.

Open storage

Most people are not fortunate enough to have extremely spacious bathrooms or bathrooms that have a lot of excess storage. This is why open-concept storage has become so popular in bathrooms—it creates a feeling of size and space when compared to closed cabinets and shelving that make a room seem smaller.

Of course, open storage requires you to stay on top of your tidying because everyone will see the items being stored on your shelving—but when done right, it can look very classy.

Statement towels

This isn’t so much a remodeling note as it is a decorating note, but it’s still a major trend we’re seeing in bathrooms. Towels are often used as a way to play with the aesthetic of the room without having to do much in the way of remodeling. Exploring new color schemes can add a completely new feel to the space, sometimes as much as a new paint job.

These are just a few examples of bathroom remodeling ideas to keep in mind this year. For more tips, contact us at Buhrt Builders Inc.

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