Home Office Trends to Expect in 2022

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The last two years amidst the global pandemic have revolutionized how American companies do business. With the pandemic heading into year three this spring, there continues to be a sizable portion of the population that is working remotely or from home, which means one of the biggest remodeling trends right now is upgrading or creating home office spaces.

If you’re working from home and need to improve your workspace with the help of a remodeling contractor, here are a few ideas you might consider implementing that are becoming popular around the nation. (You don’t even necessarily have to create new home additions!)

Reflections of personal style

People who are working from home have been taking great joy in creating work spaces that reflect their own personalities and preferences in a work station. Many people have spent so long working in office environments that are very restrictive with their decorating and personalizing options, that it can feel quite cathartic to be able to truly take control of your own space.

Everything from paint to decor, furniture and storage can all be a reflection of you and your needs. You can configure your space exactly as you want rather than having to conform to office standards.

Adjustable desks

People are still spending a lot more time in their homes than usual, so it’s important to include movement in your daily routine as much as possible. Adjustable sit-stand desks are becoming much more popular among people who work from home so they can shift positions throughout the day. This will make a big difference in your health and posture and encourage you to get up and move around.

Designs for videoconferences

The videoconference is likely here to stay, even after the pandemic era is over. With this in mind, consider how you will design and configure your space to have a background that looks professional and pleasing. Whatever your chosen backdrop, it should be something that looks organized and well thought-out and that helps you keep outside noise away, including noise from children, pets and televisions.

Reconfigured closets

Many home offices are located in extra bedrooms that are redesigned for office purposes. Some homes have spaces that are specifically designed to be office locations. Whatever you’re working with, it’s going to be important that you reconfigure your closets so they provide you with the functionality you need.

This means effective storage, of course—you should make sure you have sensible places to store office supplies, books and files. It could also turn into an area where you keep a printer and scanner or various other devices that aren’t seeing constant use. Make sure the closet is sufficiently powered so you can plug in devices for charging or use.

Looking for more ideas about how you can remodel an area of your home to serve as a home office that meets your needs for design, aesthetics, focus and functionality? Reach out to the remodeling contractors at Buhrt Builders Inc. for tips or to schedule a consultation.

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