5 Privacy Fencing Options To Consider

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A fencing installation process is something that Buhrt Builders Inc. highly recommends to anyone who wants to add value to their property. There are different privacy fencing options that you need to consider when you are thinking about adding value to your property to ensure you get what you want from it. 

Wood Fences

One of the most visually pleasing fencing options out there is wood fences. Right now, cedar fences are a very popular option with most people, and you can get them installed pretty simply. Cedar fences are great because they provide a natural defense against insects that might otherwise destroy your fence over time. 

Wooden structures are popular for all kinds of outdoor construction from fences to decks and more. If you can afford this type of privacy fence, it may be one of the best options that you can go for. 

Vinyl Fences

There are still many people who look down on vinyl fencing because of the reputation that it earned for itself in the early days of its creation. This has changed quite a bit as the technology used to create vinyl fences continues to get much better. It now has much higher durability levels, and the materials that vinyl fences are made from are more likely to last than they might have been in the past. 

This is a great option for those who are looking for something more affordable. There is nothing wrong with keeping your eyes peeled for deals like this.


This type of fence is a combination between plastic polymers and wood fiber materials. You get a little of the best of both. The durability and strength of wood is there, but the cost-effective nature of plastic is also present in this type of fence. Thus, you can find the great qualities of both in a single fence, and that is what it is all about. 


If you want to keep people out and have some of the strongest materials you can use on a privacy fence, then you want to go with a metal fence. The amount that you pay for a metal fence will vary widely depending on the specific type of metal that you choose for your fence. Therefore, you will want to ask numerous questions about the pricing of metal fencing before you commit to it fully. 

Masonry Fences

These types of fences can be made from brick, stone, or stucco options. These are great-looking fences, and they are fantastic as far as keeping your backyard private and exclusive for your own use. This type of fence can be more expensive than the options listed here because they are such beautiful fences that provide such extreme value to their owners.

Think about all of the privacy fencing options available to you and ensure you get exactly what you need to keep your backyard an oasis. 

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