When Is the Best Time of Year To Remodel Your Home?

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If you have upcoming home remodeling plans, you might wonder when is the best season to remodel your house. There really are better times of the year to do certain projects; believe it or not, everything doesn’t need to be done during the spring or summer. This quick guide will provide some season-by-season tips on the best time of year to remodel a house and the different types of projects that are best completed during certain seasons. 


If you are considering when to remodel your house, you probably have not considered winter as a possibility at all. It is true that many home remodeling and construction projects take place during the spring and summer, but this is not a hard fast rule. Many people feel that they will get better weather predictability during the summer, so they plan many outdoor projects during this time. 

Contractors, however, are totally willing to take on your remodeling projects during the winter and will often give you a better deal because they are short on work during this time of the year. 

This is a great time of year to take on interior remodeling projects, such as redoing a kitchen or a bathroom. 


Spring brings some pretty unpredictable weather patterns, so many people shy away from major outdoor projects during this time. However, taking on other household remodeling or maintenance tasks is still a good time. This is a great time to have HVAC installed, repaired, or tuned up. You will want to do these tasks before the summer heat hits and HAVA companies are swamped. 

This is also a great time to consider window replacements. Having energy-efficient windows installed in your home during the spring will save you considerable money during the summer months on cooling costs. You may also qualify for tax breaks for energy-efficient home improvements as well. 


Summer is the prime time for large outdoor remodeling projects. Home additions, siding, painting, and other projects are best done during summer when the weather is predictable. Be aware, though; it can be difficult to get schedules for big projects during this time of year because contractors are so busy. Be sure to make contact with a contractor and schedule your work earlier in the year. 


Autumn is a good time to focus on tasks such as landscaping. Once the summer growing season is over, you can take advantage of the dormant period by putting in new landscaping elements in your yard. This is also a good time to have new driveways installed or decks or patios built. 

A successful home remodeling job is all about planning. Even if you expect to have work done during a certain month of the year or season, remember, you need to schedule that work much earlier to ensure that the contractor can fit you in. 

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