The Facts About Custom Homes vs. Pre-Built

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When you are thinking about getting a new home or moving closer to your dream home, the question “are custom homes better” is going to come up. The answer is, not always, and it depends entirely on what you need. When you are ready for a new home, you’ll want to consider every possible option. Doing your research between custom homes vs. pre built is only natural. There are pros and cons to each type of home, and each type will have something that appeals to you.

It’s not always about cost here. While it might be expected that a custom home will be more expensive, it may not be the best option for the short-term homeowner, or one that needs to move a little sooner. At the same time, a pre-built home may not give you as many options as you need, or personal attention. At the end of the day, it is up to you. Learn the facts about custom homes vs. pre built here and come up with your own answer to, are custom homes better.

Examine the Money Differences Between Custom Homes vs. Pre Built

There is a formula that is not precise but is fairly close to what the actual numbers are between custom homes and pre-built homes. Pre-built homes are going to be cheaper because you have fewer options to choose from. A custom home is one where you plan from the dirt up. A pre-built home is one that is prefabricated or manufactured, and a builder that has put this home together many times before is doing it again.

As such, the costs for a pre-built home are approximately $75 per square foot on average, whereas a custom home is going to be over $200 per square foot on average. Your pre-built home is going to be manufactured somewhere else in most parts, and then it will get shipped to your location. You pay for every slab of material here. For a custom home, every rock that comes to your new address has a price tag on it.

Pre-Built Homes Take Less Time To Build

For that reason, pre-built homes take less time to build. When you order a pre-built home, there is a shorter wait time to move into the home. You will likely only have to wait months to move into the home. In a custom home, it could take well over a year for your dream to spring to life.

This is okay if you have been waiting a long time for this dream already. If you haven’t been, and you want to live in your new home soon, a pre-built may be better for you.

Are Custom Homes Better?

Custom homes are better if you don’t mind waiting for them, can afford them, and plan to be there for a long time. Imagine spending years creating your vision, and then moving within the first five years. It’s not worth it. A pre-built may be better for you if your plans are short-term or unknown. You can still customize a pre-built your own way when you move in. Custom homes are better for people that want that, while pre-built homes are better for people with different needs. Contact an expert when you are making this decision.

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