Tips for Selecting the Right Lot to Build Your Home

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Building a new home is a daunting task, but one that comes with incredible rewards. While most people focus on the home itself, an important step can be overlooked. That’s finding the right location for the new home. Picking out a lot to build the new home will influence the rest of the process, from the floor plan to the size of your backyard. Here are several steps to help you pick the right lot:

  • Consider the corner lot: Corner lots used to be very popular because they usually featured a backyard and a side yard with no neighbors on that side. Now, developers are squeezing more houses into the same space, eliminating side yards in many cases. Luxury home builders in Syracuse, IN have to consider the view as well. While no neighbors on a corner could mean a nice view, it could also mean a congested and loud view of a busy road.
  • Ask about the past: Before picking a lot, ask about what was there before, and the type of ground. You’re unlikely to pick a lot with a sinkhole, but knowing about the history of the area is important. You’ll be able to figure out if there are any environmental concerns or issues that could arise with the foundation.
  • All roads lead somewhere: Loud noises and busy streets can have a negative impact on a home’s resale value. While the price of a previously occupied house will reflect that, it won’t affect the price of building a brand new home. Try to avoid a lot near a busy road. Also look at the roads nearby on a website to try and figure out if a road will get busier because of the neighborhood being built. It’ll lessen the noise and give you a little peace of mind while out in the front or backyard.
  • Weather the storm: Luxury home builders in Syracuse, IN will tell you that weather has a major impact on a home. The lot that’s chosen will affect that, too. Where you get sunlight or snow will impact the home. Face one direction and snow may not melt from the driveway until days after it’s melted elsewhere. Face another and there’s more sun exposure, which could mean hotter summers. Each has its pros and cons. Luxury home builders in Syracuse, IN can answer any questions you may have about the lot and its exposure to the elements.
  • Shaping up: A lot that features an odd shape can make it difficult to create a floor plan, and could shape up differently than expected. With the irregular shape, the home may not be built directly in the center of the lot, changing what the yard space will look like and how much space the home will have for a floor plan.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a lot. Buhrt Builders Inc. is a complete luxury home builder in Syracuse, IN. We are a family owned and operated business that prides itself on its quality. We’ll help you every step of the way as you build your dream home, including helping determine which lot best fits your needs. Give us a call now to schedule a consultation.

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