What Is the Typical Workflow for a Kitchen Renovation?

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A kitchen renovation can increase your home’s resale value by thousands of dollars while making your kitchen easier to use and navigate—as long as the renovation is done properly. Before and during kitchen renovations in Syracuse, IN, contractors and homeowners have to follow some fairly strict steps to guarantee there are no major hiccups with the project. This post will cover those steps and give you some pointers on navigating tricky aspects of the renovation.

Select a contractor

The first step is choosing a contractor. While it sounds easy, the selection process shouldn’t be taken lightly! Choosing a reputable contractor with years of industry experience helps guarantee a fantastic final result for your new kitchen. On the other hand, hiring a cut-rate contractor will save you money but is much more likely to end in disaster and disappointment.

Design consultation

After choosing a remodeling contractor, homeowners should sit down with them and come up with a detailed project plan and timeline. The contractor will ask you everything you must have in your upgraded kitchen, along with everything you’d like to have in your new kitchen if it’s possible. It’s important to keep in mind that this design plan and timeline may have to change as the project progresses, but it’s a good starting point.

Select all materials

With a detailed plan in hand, you and your contractor can start picking out materials and fixtures for your new kitchen. Working with a reputable contractor has a ton of advantages, particularly during this step. Quality contractors are often able to order flooring, countertops, cabinetry and even fixtures at a lower cost than you’d find at your local hardware store.

Material order and delivery

If your desired materials aren’t available at the store, your contractor will have to special order them. Depending on what you’re ordering, it could take a few weeks for the material to come in. Hopefully, other aspects of the project can be completed while we wait on your materials to arrive, but that’s not always the case.


The most fun part of kitchen renovations in Syracuse, IN for many homeowners is the demolition! Now is the time when you get to rip out your old cabinetry, toss those old countertops and get rid of any old appliances and fixtures. Just be careful while you’re performing any demolition work, as this task isn’t always the safest.

New installation

With everything now in the dumpster, your remodeling contractor can get to work installing all of the new components of your kitchen. This process can also be a lengthy one, depending on what all needs to be done. For example, if your plumbing or electrical needs to be reworked, you could be looking at a three- or four-week timeline for this single step. That said, it’s important that the contractor takes their time to do the job right!

Finishing touches and cleanup

Once everything is in place and looking great, your contractor will paint and perform any other finishing touches. This is also when the construction crew should start cleaning up the mess to make your life a whole lot easier!

Get started with your project today!

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