Five Steps to Get Your Deck Done

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Undertaking any home construction project can be intimidating, but that doesn’t have to be the case with getting your deck done. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you consult a deck builder in Syracuse, IN.

Decide on size and shape

How you plan to use your deck should dictate its size and shape. Figure out the dimensions that you need by laying out the furniture your deck needs, and then factoring in the necessary floor space for unobstructed movement. However, your deck should also match the style of your house and be sized proportionately. Most importantly, keep in mind that deck size will be a major factor in the cost of the entire project, so you might have to strike a compromise between your wants and your budget.

Create a sound substructure

A deck’s substructure might go largely unnoticed in the finished product, but it’s the most crucial component that provides the literal framework for holding everything together. The substructure consists of footings, posts, ledger boards and joists. Important considerations in designing and constructing a substructure include applicable building codes and additional precautions against inclement weather. It’s difficult to rebuild a substructure once it’s constructed, so it’s best to get it right the first time around.

Choose your decking material

Options for decking material are seemingly endless, with so many colors and grain patterns to choose from. Considerations can extend beyond aesthetics, as cost, maintenance, durability and insect resistance may all factor into your decision. No matter what your needs may be, there’s sure to be a combination that achieves the look, feel and function you’re going for.

Pick the railings

Railings serve an important role in safety, but they can also elevate your deck design. Your railing system can match the decking material for consistency, but you could also mix it up with metal or even glass. However, before you let your imagination completely run wild, keep in mind that railings must adhere to local building codes, just like the rest of the deck.

Complete with finishing touches

Once your deck is finished, you can finally fill it with accessories to personalize the space. Furniture and seating space will probably be your top priorities, but there are plenty of other components that could enhance your outdoor living experience. If you’d like to use your deck without being restricted to daylight hours, make sure you have enough lighting and any necessary apparatus in place to support it. Adding a fire feature would also let you use your deck even in cooler temperatures. To further make your deck comfortable in any weather, consider adding a way to control the amount of sunlight through shading like a patio umbrella or a pergola.

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